Implify’s Services are primarily categorized into Consulting Services and Application Development and Integration Services.

bullet Consulting Services
bullet Application Development & Integration Services
bullet Application Re-engineering Services
bullet Professional Services

Consulting Services
Implify's consulting services are focused on defining, optimizing and aligning our client's IT strategy. Our consulting services include Enterprise Architecture Evaluation, Applications Review, Technology Application, Business Process Evaluation and Business Process Re-engineering.

In order to ensure that technology supports business needs and that IT investments deliver the desired value, it is fundamental to define an Information System Architecture (ISA) and measure its accurateness to the business model and existing technologies. Implify has the experience and competence to evaluate ISA and provide comprehensive system improvements.

In an era of constantly outdating and extremely fast emerging technologies it is a big challenge for organizations to keep up with latest technologies and trends. This can become an expensive and disorganized effort if it is not dove-tailed into the Enterprise Technology Strategy. Implify can assist Organizations to implement Technologies that can minimize the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and optimize the ROI (Return on Investment) with least disruptions to on-going processes. Implify has partnered with World Leaders in leading edge technology/equipment manufacturing companies to resell/implement at our clients.
Application Development & Integration Services
Implify undertakes end-to-end development projects of from its customers and develops custom applications across a wide range of technologies based on the offshore-onsite model. Implify deploys its proprietary methodology and leverages reusable components, knowledge management practices to execute development projects in the shortest possible time.

Methodology, Resources, Technology and Communications are core components of Implify’s Application Development services.
The Application Development Services include the following areas:
    bullet Strategic Study & Analysis
    bullet Requirements Management and Process Analysis: Rational Tools
    bullet Custom Application Development: Web Applications on .NET or Java platforms
    bullet Packaged Application Implementations: Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    bullet Application Conversions
    bullet Database Development: Oracle, SQL Server
    bullet Content Management: SharePoint, Documentum
    bullet Quality Assurance

In today’s complex IT applications maze it is not uncommon in Organizations to create and store information in a disorganized and redundant manner leading to data integrity and process efficiency issues. Implify’s Applications Integration Strategy based on universal data transmission standards of XML provides seam-less data integration among applications. Implify supports middle-ware Applications like Web Sphere, Web Logic and Biz Talk.

Application Re-engineering Services
Implify team of experts can engineer customer's applications and modernize all the architectural layers of our clients existing systems including presentation layers, business logic, databases and data. Implify do conversions and migrations from one environment to another; reverse engineering of applications, re-architect business logic as a set of reusable components, re-hosting of applications and business application re-engineering.

Professional Services
Implify's practice is to bring leading-edge technology solutions and consulting to our customers in various industry segments. IT consultants are a driving force in any company's IT strategy. The time consumed by a company in locating and recruiting IT talent could defeat the objective. Implify provides a seamless, comprehensive set of services and people to support development, deployment and maintenance of clients' system. By providing its technical talent to its clients, Implify can quickly put together a competent team to enable the client to leverage the latest technologies in the least possible time frame. Besides reducing time to market, Implify ensures that its staffing solutions are scalable. Implify provides professional staffing services for your immediate placement (contract, contract-to-hire, and full-time) and long-term business needs. As your company may not choose to invest critical resources to acquire employees with the skills and experience needed to deliver all services internally, Implify delivers the type of high quality professional that you would expect a leading service provider to employ.